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How do I pay for my hire? And can I have a receipt?

Payment is to be made at the commencement of the hire. We will gladly accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and EFTPOS. A copy of the contract is given to you upon completion of the paperwork and will show what method you used and also can be used as an invoice for tax purposes. If you sign your paperwork at the office we will give you a copy of any transaction processed through our eftpos terminal.

What insurance does Blue Key Car Rental provide?

For age is 25+, standard insurance has an excess of NZ$2500, full insurance reduces the excess from $2500 right down to zero. For age is 21+, standard insurance has an excess of NZ$3000, full insurance reduces the excess from $3000 right down to 500.

Why do rental car companies ask for credit card?

We need to know that our hirers are credit worthy in order to minimise the risk of vehicle damages and losses.

What if I am running late and can’t return the car at the stated time on the contract?

If you are running late for returning the vehicle, we will give you one hour’s grace. After a second hour late you will be charged at $25 per hour (up to 4 hours) and $100 per day thereafter in addition to the daily rate. (48 hours prior notice is required)

What do I do if I have an accident? 

In the unlucky incident of a breakdown or accident or if the rental car is damaged in any way, you have to call the emergency number if required (dial 111), and then you should ring Blue Key Car rentals on our freephone number 0800 310 320. In case of an accident you have to obtain the contact and registration details of all parties involved.We do not guarantee to replace the vehicle if you are liable for the accident.

What happens if I breakdown?

We are very confident about the quality of our vehicles and our team of mechanics consistently do everything they can to make sure you have no problems. Please contact the Automobile Association on 0800 xxx xxx, you will need to quote the vehicle registration number. Please note that this policy is FREE for MECHANICAL breakdowns only. All other call outs will be subject to the relevant AA charges.

What is the minimum driver age?

The minimum driver age to hire a vehicle is 21 years.But the driving years are more than one years.

Can I drive off road or on the beach?

Please do not drive our vehicles off road or onto any New Zealand beaches. A minimum penalty of $2000 may apply.

Can I smoke in the car?

For the comfort of all our customers we encourage NO SMOKING in all of our vehicles. A valet charge of $250 minimum will apply.

What is included in the rates on your website?

Our rates include unlimited mileage, GST Tax, standard insurance & free 24 hours Roadside assistance provided.

What happens if I decide to return the rental car early?

If you decide to return the rental car early, there is no refund. Your travel insurer may cover you if you return your rental car early due to illness or unexpected changes in your travel plan.

Can I use overseas drivers license to hire a car in New Zealand?

You can use your overseas driver license uptil one year to hire a car in New Zealand. It should be in English. If its in some other language, please do arrange for a International Drivers license.

What refuelling options does Blue Key Car Rental provide?

Normally we give you full tank of fuel and the rental car must be returned with full tank.If no,we will charge $2.80/L + GST.